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NEEDLESS ZERO – Killer Girls

For our last release we have a NEEDLESS ZERO chapter called “Killer Girls”. It should be no surprise if I tell you this will focus on Setsuna, Mio and Kuchinashi. However there are two other girls we haven’t seen for a veeeery long time(90 chapters!)  They met their end at the hands of our fearsome threesome in chapter 10, but have “returned from the dead” in this chapter. Actually it’s just a look in the past just like “Genesis” was, so unless they’ll be cloned in the future it’s not likely we’ll see them again.

If you’ve seen the anime you’ll recognize the story, but there were a couple of differences in the anime (you can watch the anime version here  5:09)

Also, if you haven’t read our “The end is nigh” post yet you really should. Everything I felt which needed to be said has already been done so there. And now, without further ado, please enjoy Killer Girls.

NEEDLESS ZERO – Killer Girls

That’s all.  So long and thanks for all the fish!

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The end is nigh.

Usually my posts are accompanied by a Needless file for you to download, but today will be an exception.  Instead there’s a bit of sad news I have to tell you all. You see,  Pew pew scans is going to close down. Yep, I know we’ve had a lot of long intermissions but this time there’s a very good chance you won’t see us again for good. It won’t be affective immediately, we still have one more chapter in the works, but it won’t take long before you’ll see the last post here.

We’ve done a lot in half a year since we picked up Needless again. We finished the “forgotten” chapters, did a bunch of  ZERO chapters and managed to keep up to date with the latest chapters. But in about a week, when we release our last chapter, it’ll be over.

It’s always possible for an inactive member to decided to take things into his own hands and do what we’ve done before(rise from our ashes) but it’s not very likely.

Most of you will ask yourselves: “But what about Needless!?”  Well, our translator will still work on and publish the scripts on his mangahelpers page. If you’re part of a scanlation group and want to pick up Needless I suggest contacting him.

I want to thank everyone who has ever been a member of this group and of course all the people who commented on our releases. You guys rock. Thanks for a great time everyone.

– Edit –

It would be terribly easy to think of this post as an April fools day joke. It isn’t.

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NEEDLESS 100 & Let’s go! Saint Rose Academy

Needless has been going strong for quite a few years, but that’s hardly a surprise for anyone knowing this monthly series has reached it’s 100th chapter! And what a chapter this is. Questions which date all the way back to the very first chapter get answered and there is no lack of pantsu shots.

What could Arclight possible hope to find in a young traps’ head and will Arca survive? Two major questions which everyone must have asked themself after reading chapter 99. You’ll find the answers to those in this weeks release.

And if that isn’t already good enough there’s also a little side story in the form of a 4-koma called “Let’s Go! Saint Rose Academy” which was released to celebrate Needless reaching it’s 100th chapter. A laugh, a tear, a ripped up skirt.. it’s all there in:

 Chapter 100 – City Arc 11


Let’s go! Saint Rose Academy

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NEEDLESS ZERO – Burning Knuckle

That’s right, the other release is barely a day old and here we are again. The bad guys/good guys ratio and the amount of jokes wasn’t really balanced in Genesis, but this chapter makes up for that. Enjoy today’s release:

Needless Zero – Burning Knuckle

Posted by: ynot | March 24, 2012


For this week’s release we return to the past. How far into the past? Well, let’s just say far enough to turn Kafka into a kid. It’s the first chapter of the second Needless Zero volume(we didn’t use the volume scans though).

Unlike the previous Needless Zero chapter you will see a lot of familiar faces. Don’t let the cover of this chapter fool you into false expectations though. It’s a story about love and mass murder and surprisingly doesn’t even have a single pantsu shot….  It does have something else.  Read on and find out what in:

Needless Zero – Genesis

Posted by: ynot | March 17, 2012


This time it’s all about chapter four of the First Needless Zero volume. It focuses heavily on humor and the flashing of all sorts of things. It’s a personal favorite of mine and has once again a bunch of new characters. Please enjoy “Egoic Lotus”.

Needless Zero – Egoic Lotus

Posted by: ynot | March 11, 2012

NEEDLESS ZERO – Second Sight

Today we bring you “Second Sight”. It’s the third story in the NEEDLESS ZERO volume, has all new characters and all the elements which you’ve come to expect to see in a Needless chapter.

Needless Zero – Second Sight

There’s no gallery this time. It did what it was supposed to do, give us a few days of exclusivity and a chance to fix mistakes before it’s spread all over manga reader sites, but WordPress didn’t like it much. So at least for the time being it’s back to our original method of releasing chapters.

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Needless 1.5

This isn’t a new release, but since we’re going to start scanlating the Needless Zero chapters which are still left untranslated, I decided it was about time  to move one of those chapters(called Needless 1.5) which was already done by me and js06 to the Pew pew site.  So in an effort to make it a bit more clear without going into all of the details….Needless 1.5 is simply the name of the first story in the Needless Zero volume. The other stories have less confusing names like “Second Sight” and “Egoic Lotus”.

Needless 1.5 is situated about two years into the future when compared to the current events in Needless. For everyone who hasn’t read it yet it should be very entertaining, just don’t expect to see too many familiar faces.

Needless 1.5

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The moment has finally arrived where we truly have caught up with Needless. Not just the latest but also the older chapters. It took us awhile but we’ve been really picking up speed these last couple of months resulting in where we are now……nothing left to do…….   Ah, but there are still things we can do! Not all of the Needless Zero chapters have been done yet! But that’s something for the future. For now please enjoy the last old Needless chapter, Arclight Arc IV!

Chapter 49 – Arclight Arc IV(Download)

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In chapter 98 Teruyama got revived by being poked with a spear made out of  condensed Eden’s seed, just in time to save Yamada from getting smacked silly by Setsuna. Actually she did smack him silly, but at the very least there’s less of
a chance he’s going to get killed now…..right? Let’s see if Teruyama and Mio are
a match against Kuchinashi and Setsuna in chapter 99!


Chapter 99 – City Arc 10(download)

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